What do the member roles mean?

Within Caring Village, you can control access to sensitive information by giving members the appropriate roles. Here's the rundown of what each role can do:

Administrators can perform any action inside the village. Use caution when assigning a member the Administrator role.

Inner Circle members can view and update all areas of the village, but can't change village settings or edit member roles.

Friends can help provide daily updates and take on events and to dos, but they can't see any of your private checklist information.

Members who are Revoked are unable to even view your village in their list. This role can be used to temporarily grant or remove access to someone who may not be a regular member of the village.

Role Edit
Roles & Village Settings
Invite Others View and
and Update
Events & To Dos
View and
Wellness Journal
View and Update Medication Lists View and Update Documents
Administrator X X X X X X X
Inner Circle - X X X X X X
Friend - X - X X    
Revoked -   - - -    



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